3 Types of Dog Runs

Basic Dog Runs in Today’s Market
A dog run enables you to provide your dogs freedom to run and play around outdoor while ensuring their safety at the same time. There are several types of dog run available, each of which serves it own purpose. Here are the dog runs that you can buy in the market today:

Single dog run. Learn more about them at Dog Runs for Sale. This is perhaps the most common type of dog run. Also known as single kennel run, a large single dog run can also have a dog house inside. Obviously, the bigger your dog, the more space is required inside the dog run so that he can move freely and comfortably inside his enclosure.

Fenced-in-yard. Technically, this type can be considered a dog run. If you have large space in your lawn, fenced-in-yard is perfect for your dog to run about safely. Your enclosed yard also allows you to play round with your dog freely inside your property.

Portable dog run. This type is foldable and can be set up anywhere. You can bring this dog run along when you’re traveling with your dog. It is very handy and it can make your dog feel “at home” where he can run freely and safely inside the enclosure.